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  • Core Network
    The Core is the backbone of any big business network, and is therefore the most critical ‘component’. D-Link has the technology to ensure that the core processes run smoothly and meet your business needs:
    10 Gigabit D-Link offers 10 Gigabit technology in both switches and copper/fiber modules in a wide variety of Layer 2+ and Layer 3 devices.
    xStacking Technology D-Link’s stacking technology can work around a hardware fault in milliseconds. Faulty hardware can be hot-swapped and replaced, minimizing downtime and ensuring that critical processes are not interrupted.
  • Aggregation Network
    Aggregation Networks distribute traffic from an Access Network across the business. Routing, filtering, WAN access processes and access to resources like network storage, all take place at this level. D-Link offers flexible and robust solutions with Layer 2+ and Layer 3 managed switches, ready for the next generation of IP networks:
    IPv6-Ready Most D-Link aggregation switches are certified‘IPv6 Ready’ and are capable of being integrated into current and future networks.
    Bandwidth Management & Traffic Filtering and Analysis D-Link offers the tools to run a network smoothly and avoid disruptions; such as bandwidth management, SafeGuard Engine technology to protect the switches and sFlow compatibility to analyse network sessions in great detail.
  • Access Network
    Over the past few years, enterprise access networks have evolved. D-Link, in meeting the needs of businesses to have more productive processes, is providing the following solutions…
    Wireless Connectivity The new generation of Wireless AC and N access points offers a wireless environment as productive and secure as a wired network.
    Power over Ethernet From unmanaged, plug-and-play solutions, to PoE modules in high-end chassis switches, D-Link offers features that provide extra power to your network.
    Video Surveillance IP technology applied to surveillance brings flexibility, unified management and comprehensive image recording and indexing to modern networks. D-Link IP cameras and Network Video Recorders offer solution that best matches to your business needs.
  • Passive Networking Products
    You have trusted us for over 25 years. Here’s another reason to keep believing in us: D-Link Structured Cabling Solutions A structured cabling system (SCS) is an organized way of cabling and installing passive components following a specific set of standards. Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify wiring data centers, offices, and apartment building for data or voice communications using copper, fiber cabling and accessories.
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