SMB Enhanced IP-PBX


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مشخصات محصول مشخصات محصول جزییات
ویژگی‌های سخت‌افزاری رابط ها

10/100 Mbps

تعداد پورت LAN


مشخصات فنی پردازنده

Cortex- A7 CPU 900Mhz

حافظه رم


ویژگی های تلفن تعداد اشتراک ها


تعداد تماس همزمان


ویژگی های مدیریتی

100 extensions, Add external Analog Trunk, Administration, Call Statistics and Call Detail Records (CDR), Gateways to use standard, Phone service (VoIP), phone-lines, Save Money by using Internet, Single IP PBX supports multiple, Support HTTP upload, Supports 30 concurrent calls, Trunk backup, User-Friendly Administration Interface, Users across multiple sites, Web-based Monitoring and Administration

ویژگی های تماس

Business Calling Features, Call Forwarding (Always/ On Busy/on NoAnswer/ Follow me), Call History, Call Hold, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Transfer (Blind Transfer And Assisted Transfer), Caller ID, Do Not Disturb, Ring Group

ویژگی های تلفن گویا/IVR

Call Recording, Configurable IVR Menu, Configurable Mail Box, Mailbox Access control (PIN), Music on Hold, Notification via email, Voice Mail

پروتکل استاندارد

IAX2 (RFC 5456), Out-Of-Band DTMF (RFC 2833), RTCP (RFC 1889), RTP (RFC 1889), SDP (RFC 2327), SIP (RFC 3261)

مزایای کلیدی به عنوان PBX

Configurable as core IP or hybrid PBX, Connects callers with the outside world over IP/analog (POTS), Support build-in 4 FXO ports expandable up to 8 FXO ports, Switches calls &Manages routes.

به عنوان Gateway

Bridges legacy PSTN to the expanding world of IP telephony, Configurable as media gateway., Conversion between a wide range of communications protocols and media codecs


Additional remote IP agent capabilities, Advanced skills-based routing, Features built-in ACD systems

گارانتی گارانتی

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